Kuvings B6000 Vertical Masticating Juicer

The Kuvings B6000 is one of the newest additions to the juicer market that includes some great enhancements and new design technology to making juicing easier and more efficient. This model is an upright masticating juicer, but it is like no other juicer in its class. What sets this apart and is most noticeable is its new extra wide feed chute, the first upright masticating juicer to make use of one. This enables whole fruits and vegetables to be dropped into the machine without having to be sliced up into smaller pieces, which in turn will drastically cut down on prep time.
Kuvings did not stop at just the feed chute. This model also includes a powerful motor that operates at slower speeds to deliver an efficient and quieter juicing experience. Add that to the use of sturdy and eco-friendly materials, easy clean up, a “smart cap” and patented juicing technology and Kuvings has really elevated juicing to a whole other level.
With being a new model, there are not going to be as many customer reviews as juicers that have been on the market for years, but so far the feedback from owners has been glowing. We have decided to include this on our site because the B6000 seems to address most of the shortcomings of other vertical style masticating juicers.

Product Features

b6000Larger Feed Chute: This is the one aspect that gets the most attention. The ability to drop in whole produce without having to cut into smaller chunks is a huge advantage to any juicer. No one likes prepping to juice, and this all but eliminates this aspect. The 3 inch chute should be able to accommodate a wide array of different fruits and vegetables without having to pull out the cutting board. Kuvings is touting this model as the only vertical style masticating juicer to have this feature, which makes this model stand out.
Patented Juicing Technology: Kuvings designed the B6000 with something called Juicer Module Comprising System (JMCS). It is a slower speed masticating method that they have patented in 50 countries. Typical masticating juicers operate at around 80RPM while this juicer uses a motor built by Kuvings that operates at just 60RPM. It was designed to be as efficient as possible to ensure maximum juice extraction. Also, a pleasant byproduct of operating at slower RPM’s is that the juicer produces less noise.
Smart Cap: Simple but innovative. A cap on the end of the spout where juice exits the machine helps stop dripping. This helps keep countertops clean, especially when trying to move the unit after use.
Safety Features: Three-way ventilation system helps keep the juicer cool. 2 step safety design and a longer and curved chute to keep users from accidents.
Easy Clean Up: The B6000 comes with two different brushes and Kuvings own screen cleaning tool, which is unique for this type of juicer. Clean up is rather straight forward and disassembling and reassembling the unit is a breeze.
Warranty: This juicer comes with a robust 10 year warranty from Kuvings, which also includes the motor.

What Do Owners Like About The Kuvings B6000?

Although this unit is new to the market there have been some very positive early reviews from customers. Some of the aspects of this juicer that stand out for users include;
Feed Chute: This seems to be a popular reason that a lot of people go for this model and it delivers for them. Being able to drop in a whole apple, cucumber or carrot with out having to slice it up first is a great time saver, especially for those who juice often. To have this feature on a vertical masticating juicer is a huge plus for owners.
Performance: Owners love the quality of the juice that comes out of this machine. It handles a wide range of produce and tends to extract the most amount of juice leaving a very dry pulp. Leafy greens performance is also excellent, producing a high juice yield.
Noise: Some users were surprised by just how quiet this unit is. Masticating juicers are typically quieter than centrifugal juicers because they operate at slower speeds, but some users who already had experience with other masticating juicers were amazed by just how little noise this juicer makes.
Clean Up: Kuvings also gets high marks for how easy the B6000 is to clean. With the included brushes and the design of the parts, including the auger, cleaning this juicer seems to be no problem for users.

What Could Be Better:

Again, since this is a new model and feedback is limited, there have not really been a lot if any negative comments from users. But there is probably one that will keep some people from taking the plunge on the B6000;
Price: This unit is probably the most expensive unit on our list. Even though early returns from owners seem to indicate that you get what you pay for, it will set you back a little bit when compared to some of the other juicers we have reviewed.

Who Should Buy This Juicer?

If you are looking for the space saving features of a masticating vertical juicer but would also like the extra wide feed chute seen in some of the better centrifugal juicers, then the Kuvings B6000 is a desirable choice. The best of both worlds in this regard.
If you want to juice early in the morning or late at night and want a juicer that will not wake up the entire house, then this model is definitely a top option. With an even slower yet powerful motor, this juicer was designed to be one of the quietest juicers on the market.

Who Should Not Buy This Juicer?

If you are on a budget or you just don’t want to spend that much on a juicer, then this is not the model for you. It is one of the more expensive models and for those looking to spend less on a vertical style juicer the Omega VRT350 or Kuvings NS-940 would be a slightly more cost effective alternative.

Bottom Line:

Even though the Kuvings B6000 is pretty new to the juicing market, its early returns have been extremely positive. We are really excited to see the improvements that they have made to make a vertical masticating juicer more user friendly. Owners so far seem to think that Kuvings has really delivered a winner. We are looking forward to seeing more customer reviews of this model as they come in and we will update our review as this happens.


We have found a couple of videos that better demonstrate both the B6000 features and the juicing experience of using this juicer.

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