Kuvings NS-940 Silent Upright Masticating Juicer

The Kuvings NS-940 is a masticating juicer that operates at slower speeds to maintain nutrients, prevent oxidation, optimize juice extraction and operate quieter than centrifugal juicers.  This upgright compact designed, single auger juicer works with a powerful yet energy efficient 240W motor that spins at just 80RPM.  It can handle a wide variety of both soft and hard fruits and vegetables including leafy greens.
This machine utilizes the GE-Ultem auger, which is made from a material that is 8x stronger than plastics used in typical juicing augers.
Get the most out of your produce with this well built, sleek and silent masticating juicer.

Product Features

Masticating Low Speed Technology – Crushes and presses fruits and vegetables at a slower speed for maximum juice extraction.  Slower speeds do not heat juice or cause oxidation issues seen in other higher speed juicers.
Quiet Operation –  Working at only 80RPM helps ensure quiet operation while juicing.  Get healthy without waking the entire house.
Safe – Magnetic safety lock prevents operation of the machine if not properly locked in place.
Easy Clean Up – Kuvings has a patented cleaning tool that helps make wash up effortless and easy.
Design – Compact upright design available in three colors (Red, Black and Silver) makes it an eye catching appliance that will look good on any countertop.

What Do Owners Think About the Kuvings NS-940 Silent Juicer?

The Good:

kuvings940This model is not as popular as some of the other brand name juicers, but it has gotten a very nice reception from those who have purchased it.  This model consistently receiving ratings in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.  Some aspects of this machine that owners love include;
Performance:  Being a slow masticating juicer, the total amount of juice that is extracted from fruits and vegetables is high.  Operating at just 80RPM, the unit is also very quiet.  Owners love that they can juice late at night or in the early morning without worrying about waking others who might be sleeping.
Clean Up:  For the most part, this model gets high marks for fast clean up which is always an important factor for those buying a juicer.
Juice Yield:  Customers who bought a 940 are very happy with the amount of juice this unit extracts from produce.  Pulp that is extracted is on the dry side, meaning most of the liquid has been extracted to the juice container.
Design:  This has nothing to do with producing juice, but if you are going to buy a small appliance that is visible on your counter top, it might as well look good.  This unit gets high marks from owners on this aspect.

What Could Be Better:

Some of the not so favorable aspects on this juicer voiced in some customer reviews include;
Clogging:  Some users found that this unit will clog on them if pieces are not cut up properly before dropping them in the food chute.  Stringy vegetables can get caught up on the auger.  This can be remedied by making pieces smaller.
Time:  Being a “slow” masticating juicer, the entire process is more deliberate than that of a centrifugal juicer.  Prep time is also longer due to the fact that fruits and vegetables usually need to be cut up into smaller, more manageable chunks before juicing.
Wet pulp:  Some owners were not thrilled with the consistency of the pulp that was ejected and were hoping that it would be a little dryer and more in line with other masticating type juicers.


The reviews for the Kuvings NS-940 for the most part are very good.  Owners seem happy with the overall build and performance of the unit.  There are some minor issues that may make the entire process take more time consuming when compared to other machines.  It tends to receive ratings in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars with a recommendation rate of around 75%-80% from owners.

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