Omega NC800 HDS Masticating Juicer Review

Omega NC800 HDS 5th Generation Nutrition Center Juicer, Silver

The Omega NC800 HDS is the latest generation masticating juicer in the company’s very distinguished line of juicing machines. With some added improvements on their older models, the NC800 has taken juicing to a whole other level. This model features a wider feed chute, and an adjustable end cap that lets you fine tune the juicer based on the foods that are being passed through the machine. It also has a slightly more modern design. One thing that has not changed, however, is how well the unit performs while juicing a wide variety of produce.
We have waited to do a review of this model until there were more customer reviews. And while the NC800 is still relatively new to the market, the ratings from customers has been impressive enough to warrant us adding it to our list of top 10 juicers. Owners, for the most part, are extremely satisfied with the upgrades that Omega has made to their line of slow juicers and this unit has been receiving very high recommendation rates so far.

Product Features

Wider Feed Chute: This has been one of the sore spots of masticating juicers, especially when compared to the new Breville centrifugal juicers with their larger feed chutes. The NC800 HDS now incorporates a larger oval shaped chute so that larger chunks can be added to the machine. This feature primarily is designed to save on prep time. The bigger the feed chute, the less time is needed to cut up foods into tiny pieces to fit into the juicer. For those that do a lot of juicing, especially items such as cucumbers or carrots, this is a huge time saver.
Adjustable Dial: Another new feature on this model is the end cap is now adjustable. What this is designed to do is keep the pulp in the machine for longer enabling more juice to be squeezed out. The dial ranges from 0 to 5. You would use 5 for harder vegetables like carrots, and you could set it to 1 or 2 for softer vegetables like apples and pears.
Newer Design: As with most model upgrades, there is some overhaul to the overall look to this model. It is nothing too drastic but it does stand apart from older versions. It is available in 3 colors as of right now. These include silver and red and a shiny chrome plated version. The chrome version gets its own model number, the NC900, but the only difference between the two models is the color.
15 Year WarrantyOmega juicers are some of the best built juicing machines available, and the company stands by their products with a whopping 15 year warranty.
Nutrition Center: This model Omega juicer has “Nutrition Center” in its name not only because it can juice, but also because it is capable of doing a lot more such as making butters, nut butter, pasta extruder and grinder to name a few. This unit comes with six different nozzles to handle all types of chores. It is an extremely versatile machine.
Same Quality: This model Omega juicer has not only the improvements listed above, but it also includes all of the same qualities of their previous models that has made them so popular. The NC800 has extremely high juice yield, is easy to operate and clean, and it produces a great tasting and healthy juice.

What Do Owners Like About Their Omega NC800?

So far, this juicer has garnered some great reviews from owners. Some of the aspects of this juicer that get the most praise include:
nc800Improved Feed Chute: Especially from users who have experience using some of Omega’s older juicers, the new larger feed chute has been a huge hit. Not only does it save on prep time, a lot of users find that the auger grabs onto the food easier and they don’t have to use the pusher to feed the produce down into the machine as much. Big kudos from customers on this feature.
End Cap Dial: This addition seems to work well for most users. Owners like to have a little more control over the pulp, especially when juicing both hard and soft fruits and veggies together. Pulp that exits the end cap tends to be very dry which means maximum juice extraction.
Juice Yield:  One of the most important aspects of a quality juicer is how much juice it is able to extract, and the juice yield of the NC800 is something that gets a high amount of praise from owners.  The pulp that is left over is extremely dry, meaning most of the juice ends up in your glass.
Overall Performance: Customer reviews have been rather impressive when it comes to how well this model handles a wide variety of different foods. Leafy greens and wheatgrass performance is superb and users really appreciate how well this model handles just about anything that they can throw at it.
Ease of Use: Owners also love how easy this masticating juicer is to use. From unboxing and assembling, to operating, to clean up. This juicer is just simple and straightforward to use. Clean up is a breeze for most owners and just take a couple of minutes.
Value: Even at a higher price point, a lot of owners agree that you get what you pay for. With a 15 year warranty and a reputation for dependable juicing machines, a lot of customers feel that it is a safe investment to make in their health.

What Could Be Better?

While having mostly positive reviews, there are a some aspects of the NC800 that a few users were not happy with. These include:
Juicing Apples: This seems to be the one fruit that this unit has some problems with. Some owners were disappointed with how apples went through the machine and gummed up the inside a bit. The output was a little closer to applesauce than apple juice. Playing with the new adjustable end cap however, seemed to alleviate this issue for some users.
Pulp in Juice: Some users were not happy with finding pulp in their juice. Some of this might be able to fixed by playing with then end cap dial settings. For the most part however, masticating juicers tend to produce pulpier juice than that of centrifugal juicers. Some users who just don’t want pulp in their juice may end up having to use a strainer as an extra last step.

Alternative Juicers

This is the 5th generation Omega line of horizontal masticating juicers, which is naturally going to be more expensive than older models. For those who don’t mind forgoing some of the new improvements to save a little money on a quality juicer can still get the Omega J8006 (Chrome) or the Omega J8004 (White).

Bottom Line

Omega set out to take their already high quality juicers and make them even better. And the early returns from customers is that they did just that. With a larger feed chute and adjustable end dial, they made the NC800 HDS easier to use while increasing overall juice yield. The unit is easy to use, easy to clean and owners really appreciate everything that this model is able to deliver. Customer scores on the model are currently in the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars.

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